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Meet Holly Hobbs

Holly is a psychic medium and intuitive healer based in New Orleans who works to (re)connect her clients with their own intuition and spirituality.

She has been working in the fields of spiritual and energetic healing for many years. As a musician and cultural researcher, she holds a doctorate and continues to conduct contract fieldwork throughout the world. 

As a healer, she has studied with some of the brightest lights in mediumship and spiritual healing, including the British medium Scott Milligan, Scottish medium Dominic Boag, New Orleans-based mediums Sid Patrick and Trenny Simmons, shamanic healer Sandra Ingerman, angel healer Beth Carleton, herbalist Lou Carrig, tarot reader Michelle Embree and many more. 


Holly is a 500hr RYT yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and continues to teach twice a week to her students in New Orleans. She leads yoga and mediumship retreats throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. 


Although each reading is different, in a typical reading Holly incorporates elements of shamanic journeying, numerology, psychic and mediumistic connection, and divination and oracle card reading in order to connect her clients more deeply to their own spiritual practices and intuition, which systems of patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy and organized religion have disrupted for two thousand years. 


Holly does no paid marketing, so all of her clients come to her through word-of-mouth referrals. She has developed an extensive client list over the years, with most clients returning multiple times per year for insight and deeper healing.

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