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Empowering Healing through Psychic Mediumship,  Intuitive Readings, Numerology, Yoga, and Meditation

Individual Sprirt Readings

Individual Reading

Private psychic mediumship readings combine elements from numerology, oracle cards, shamanic journeying, and guided meditation to offer insights and guidance from Spirit. All readings can be done via Zoom, in person, or by phone. 

Group & Corporate Readings

Group & Corporate  Readings

Group readings are offered for families, groups of friends, etc. Corporate readings for team building, business retreats, and more can be booked. The standard rate for parties up to six participants is $50 each. For parties of more than six, please send an inquiry email for a personalized quote. 

Numerology Life Chart Readings

Numerology Life Chart

Based on your birthdate and your full name at birth, you will be provided a Numerology Life Chart that shows each year of your life, illustrating patterns, successes, hardships, things to watch out for, and ways to plan ahead. 


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided meditations can be booked for those persons who are not interested in a reading or numerology but wish to align themselves more strongly with the spiritual world by learning how to meditate, control the breath, and find inner peace.

Yoga Services


Private or group vinyasa flow yoga classes focus on alignment, healing and safety. Holly is an RYT500 registered with Yoga Alliance. Private yoga sessions are $100/hour, while group sessions are $25 per person up to 10 people. Please email for a personalized quote if your party has more than 10 people. Can be done online or in person.

Clearings & Blessings Services

Clearing & Blessing

House clearings and/or blessings can be booked for new houses, houses with issues, and more. Blessings can be booked for baby showers, bridal parties, wedding showers, etc. Please email an inquiry before booking. 

Customized Services

Custom Services

Experience custom Morning Glory Healing services tailored to your individual or group needs. 

Information you receive from any and all services, communication, or consultations with Holly Hobbs (Morning Glory Yoga/Morning Glory Yoga NOLA/Hobbs Consulting LLC) is for personal or educational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. Holly Hobbs (Morning Glory Yoga/Morning Glory Yoga NOLA/Hobbs Consulting LLC) will not accept responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon services, consultations, or communications received. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Holly Hobbs (Morning Glory Yoga/Morning Glory Yoga NOLA/Hobbs Consulting LLC) from any and all liabilities and expenses. 

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